A Look at Hippeas, a New Vegan Snack

The Hippeas brand, established early this year, is taking the snack sector by storm. The new range of snacks serves as Green Park Holding’s first brand. Livio Bisterzo, the CEO of Green Park Holdings, cited that Hippeas is intended to revive the snack food sector by providing an affordable, premium as well as healthy offering.

The Hippeas brand includes six main chickpea puff products such as the In Herbs We Trust, Far Out Fajita, Pepper Power as well as Sweet and Smokin’. The Pepper Power line includes peas, a pump of pepper and sprinkled sea salt while the In Herbs We Trust line hosts several herbs such as thyme, oregano, and rosemary. Chili, paprika and cumin make up the Far Out Fajita line whereas the Sweet and Smokin’ features smoked sea salt and paprika spice.

The success of Hippeas leverages the use of its numerous retail partners such as Holland & Barrett, Boots, Planet Organic, WH Smith, and Starbucks. The tone of voice, packaging visual identity as well as personality is credited to Jkr. Further, the visual identity and name target the modern hippie generation

Livio Bisterzo is prominently known as an Italian entrepreneur, who currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Holdings, Inc. He holds a Business and Management in Fashion from the University of the Arts, which is one of London’s prestigious institutions of high learning. Livio boasts of an entrepreneurial track record that revolves around hospitality venues including Pollen St and Maddox Club as well as consumer brands such as Little Miracles and Kyoku for Men. As such, his numerous brands and accomplishments have been cited in top publications in the world such as the Sunday Style, The Times, GQ, Vanity Fair, The FT, Harpers, and Esquire.

Bisterzo founded the Green Park Holdings Inc., in 2015 as an innovative company in the nutrition sector dedicated to creating multichannel drinks and food brands. Green Park Holdings is widely recognized for the Hippeas brand, which is a new food snack boasting of organic chickpea puffs. Hippeas, unveiled in April 2016, was designed to meet the snack needs of the millennial consumers, who are increasingly conscious on social and health matters. In its attempt to give back to the community, Hippeas established a partnership with Farm Africa geared to assisting farmers from Eastern Africa to eradicate poverty from their lives.

Manse On Marsh Is Making The Transition To Assisted Living Easy

Anyone who has spent time looking into an assisted living facility knows the struggle of finding one that looks like they care about the work they do or the maintenance of the property. The search is over for those within the area of San Luis Obispo in California, where the Manse on Marsh assisted living facility resides. This company is rising up as one of the best assisted living facilities in the country.

The Manse on Marsh facility has very high ratings on numerous sites, including Caring.com, with frequent top 5-star ratings from many happy residents and families that have used the facility. There are many people out there that are scared of moving into an assisted living community, not only because many of them lack quality care, but because changing from the normal can be scary. In the case of the Manse on Marsh facility, they make this transition easy with an excellent community and all-around care.

The Manse no Marsh assisted living facility offers a total care program for all of its residents. They offer housing solutions for people who would still like to live independently, but at the same time offer assistance with whatever a resident needs. Assisted living communities with the proper atmosphere and care allows the elderly to transition into a different style of living and enjoy themselves at the same time. Their total care covers a wide variety of different services, including medication management, transportation, bathing and rooming assistance, and much more.

For many years now, The Manse on Marsh community has been doing their utmost to provide the highest level of care they can, which has been proven by winning the Caring Star award for two years in a row. Many families have expressed how delightful the community is and the level of care the staff puts into working there. The company’s team of dedicated employees are experienced and have the expertise to deal the needs of any perspective resident.  Make sure to follow them on social media too, including Twitter, and the Manse Facebook.

Helane Morrison, Former SEC Regulator is Now CCO of Major Financial Company

I think that in the wake of the financial crisis of the 2000s and the Great Recession, compliance is becoming a real concern that the upper levels of management take seriously, not just a box that needs to be checked to satisfy regulators. One indication of that is the advent of roles such as Chief Risk Officer or Chief Compliance Officers. For the most part, these C-level positions have only come into existence in the last 10 years. Before that, they existed mostly at insurance-related companies, and often did not have the influence they do today.

Today’s compliance executives often have experience on both sides of the regulatory stage. Many have been regulators themselves before working in the private sector. Helane Morrison is Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, a major financial advisory and investment firm in San Francisco. Before joining Hall Capital, Morrison was a regulator at the SEC, eventually becoming Regional Director for the Northwest Region. While at the SEC, she took on several fraud cases involving high-profile executives in Silicon Valley, such as Google and Hewlett Packard.

Morrison also lead the SEC’s investigation into the American Amicable Life case. This was an SEC action against an insurance company called American Amicable, which marketed a bundle of life insurance and investment products to military families and suggested the investments could make them millionaires. The company told these families that these products could make them a millionaire in twenty years, when in fact they were unlikely to make them any money at all. The insurance company was ordered to pay $70 million in refunds and damages.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Morrison attended the University of California-Berkeley Law School. After law school, she clerked for a US District Court of Appeals judge and for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. Helane Morrison joined a major San Francisco law firm and specialized in corporate litigation and securities law before joining the SEC.